The Iowa River Valley Early Childhood Area (IRVECA) Board has agreed to distribute the Intent To Apply for Early Childhood Iowa funds in FY'21.  This will identify interested applicants for the Hardin and Marshall County service area. Programs interested in applying for funds should complete the survey.


Deadline to complete: April 1, 2020, by 5:00 pm


  1. This process is a result of anticipated, significantly reduced funding from Early Childhood Iowa. Fy’21 allocations have not been announced. Iowa River Valley Early Childhood Area Board funding is contingent upon receipt of Early Childhood Iowa Funding from the State of Iowa.
  2. Applicant agencies must submit a separate Intent To Apply for each program and may not submit a single Intent To Apply for multiple programs. A program that serves both counties may submit a single application.
  3. The results of the survey will determine if a future Request for Proposal will be required. If it is determined that a Request for Proposal is not needed, the Estimated Funding Requested submitted in the survey will be used by the Board in the FY’21 budget determination process.
  4. Interested applicants who do NOT complete the survey by the deadline will be ineligible for funding consideration.
  5. Programs must demonstrate be able to support the following:
  6. Submitting an Intent to Apply is not a guarantee of funding or contract award.​
  7. If a grant award is determined upon the completion of the Intent to Apply, additional conditions may apply.

Participants will be expected to answer the following questions:

  • Basic Organizational Contact Information & Project Name
  • State Early Childhood Iowa Desired Results & IRVECA Board Priorities
  • Financial Information - Total funding request and outside funds
  • Service Information - counties served, a brief description of the program, a brief description of the # served, and program changes.

There shall be no communication regarding this Intent to Apply with any IRVECA Board Member during the process. Attempts to do so may negatively impact the grant award. 

The sole point of contact regarding the Intent to Apply shall be:

Carrie Kube
IRVECA Director
PO Box 365, Iowa Falls, IA  50126


ensuring success in children age 0-5 in hardin and marshall county, iowa