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The Iowa River Valley Early Childhood Area Board has adopted guiding principles that will drive our efforts in improving the lives of Hardin and Marshall County children and families.  

  • Reduce abuse - Efforts to reduce abuse and neglect must be closely linked to broader community initiatives and priorities.​
  • Equality - All families shall be treated with equality, without discrimination in race, gender, culture, income, and religion
  • Safety - Safety is a prerequisite for children children to learn.
  • Opportunity - We must provide children and families the opportunity to learn and grow, in all places and at all times. We must work to remove barriers and help families overcome obstacles.
  • Understanding - Children and families are our “North Star” and they shall help us in understanding where our priorities should lie.
  • Respect - We should always show and display respect for all children, families, early care, health and education providers and our community at large.
  • Community - We are a community, connecting people to people, and people to resources. Healthy children and healthy families result in healthy community members for the future. 
  • Early intervention - Children must have their physical, emotional, and mental health needs met before they are able to learn.

ensuring success in children age 0-5 in hardin and marshall county, iowa

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