The community plan was developed by the Iowa River Valley Early Childhood Area Board in support of residents prenatal through five, and their families in Hardin and Marshall County, Iowa.

 A community plan is a document that is required by Iowa law to be completed by local Early Childhood Iowa Areas. This community plan reflects state and local goals that affect the well being of Marshall and Hardin County’s youngest citizens. The purpose of the plan is to help guide a particular Community Early Childhood Iowa Area in its endeavor to reach results, generate support for community services and improve the well-being of children prenatal through five years of age.  The plan is to serve as “guide” or a “road map” for the Early Childhood Iowa Area community partners in their decision making, planning, and helps set priorities in the community.  In addition, the plan identifies community assets, common needs, and gaps in services that help “steer” the Early Childhood Iowa Area. The plan can also be used as a guide for grant writing and funding decisions, such as the distribution of Iowa River Valley Early Childhood Area Funds.

 The Iowa River Valley Early Childhood Area (IRVECA) has approved  three-year community plan as a part of its Levels of Excellence process.  It is intended to provide guidance and direction to the IRVECA Board of Directors and staff, to collaborative agencies and service providers, along with the constituents of services and support in Hardin and Marshall County as to the involvement in the five Early Childhood Iowa priority areas:

●     Healthy Children
●     Children Ready to Succeed in School
●     Safe and Supportive Communities
●     Secure and Nurturing Child Care Environments
●     Secure and Nurturing Families

By the listed priorities that have been determined for this area, funding allocations can be made to best meet the needs described herein.  It is the hope and desire of the Iowa River Valley Early Childhood Area and its board that, during the next three years, 2015-2018, the community plan will serve as a dynamic document that is reviewed and updated regularly to ensure that it reflects the current assets, needs and priorities of the communities in which it serves.  

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