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Mid-Iowa Community Action (MICA)

Child Care Nurse Consultant (CCNC) - The CCNC's program engages child care providers and preschools in the Iowa Quality Rating System (QRS). The CCNC will provide recommendations to the child care home or center on how to create a healthy and safe child care environment. The Child Care Nurse Consultant will be responsible for responding to issues of childhood communicable diseases, child development, safety and injury prevention, medication management, emergency preparedness, nutrition, and family health. Call (641) 752-7162 for more information.

Mid-Iowa Community Action (MICA)

Head Start Wrap Around -provide child development and care services to low-income children and year-round family development services - applies to child care that would follow the Head Start Preschool Program. Call (641) 752-7162 for more information.

Child Care Resource and Referral
Iowa Child Care Resource and Referral (CCR&R) offers communities, child care professionals, and parents a blend of direct services, planning expertise and data collection.  CCR&R agencies work to connect families with quality early care and education options, such as child care referrals and facilitate professional development opportunities for the adults who care for and educate our youngest Iowans. CCR&R also works to build the supply of quality care and education in communities. Call: (800) 722-7619

Good Shepherd Preschool
Good Shepherd Preschool is has been teaching preschool for more than 40 years! They are operated by St. Paul Lutheran Church in Eldora. They provide a four day a week program for four and five-year-olds and two days a week program for three-year-olds. They provide a variety of developmentally-appropriate centers, hands-on activities, meeting times, and field trips that help the children grow in literacy, math, science, social studies, the arts, and technology. Since they are a Christian Preschool, children also develop spiritually. Good Shepherd is QPPS verified, is QRS Rated Level 5 and utilizes Creative Curriculum. The lead teacher is an Every Child Reads, Birth to Kindergarten Trainer and trained in Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports for 3 to 5 Year-Olds. Contact: Karen Ritter at (641) 858-5928

Hubbard-Radcliffe Community School District Preschool
The Hubbard-Radcliffe Community School District Preschool program operates four days per week. Three and four-year-olds in the morning 8:20 to 11:20, and four and five-year-olds in the afternoon, 12:20 to 3:20. An optional extended learning program is offered opposite the preschool times and on Wednesdays. Hubbard Radcliffe Preschool is QPPS verified and utilizes the Creative Curriculum. Contact: Dena Zoske (515) 899-2111
Cougar's Den Preschool
Cougar's Den Preschool is operated by the AGWSR Community School District. It offers three preschool classes: 3 & 4 Year Old class that meets Tuesdays and Thursday from 9-11:30AM, a 4 & 5 Year Old Class that meets Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 8-11: 30 AM, and a Pre-Kindergarten class is designed for those children who are old enough to attend kindergarten, but have chosen to wait until the following year. The Pre-Kindergarten meets every day from 12:30-3: 30 PM. Cougar’s Den is QPPS verified, utilizes Creative Curriculum, and is rated a QRS Level 3.
Contact: Michelle Hunt at (641) 847-2699

Pineview Elementary Preschool

Pineview Elementary Preschool is located in our Preschool through the 1st-grade elementary building in Iowa Falls and operates on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. Our 3-4-year-old students attend from 8:20-11:15 on Mondays and Thursdays or on Tuesdays and Fridays. Our 4-5-year-old students attend from 12:15-3:10 on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Fridays. We have an Inclusive Preschool class that serves regular education and special education students in an inclusive setting. The cost for our 3-4-year-old preschool class is $50 per month, with scholarships available. There is no charge for our 4-5-year-old preschool students or for students on an IEP in our Inclusive Preschool classroom. All Pineview Elementary Preschool teachers are highly qualified and our preschool is QPPS verified and utilizes the Creative Curriculum. For more information call: Ryan Robison, Pineview Elementary Principal at 641-648-6410

West Marshall Trojan Tots Preschool

Trojan Tots is currently a three and four-year-old preschool program finishing its seventh year developed by West Marshall Community School. It was created to help fill the need for high-quality preschool experience in western Marshall County. The lead teacher at Trojan Tots is dually certified, holding degrees in Early Childhood and Special Education.  This allows them to serve children on IEP’s. The four-year-old program opened in August 2004. The three-year-old program opened in August 2005.   They are implementing the Creative Curriculum. 
Contact: Nanette Smith at 641-483-2671

Sonshine Preschool
Sonshine Preschool is located at the First Baptist Church in Marshalltown.  They are a Christian-based preschool that has served the community with quality preschool programs since 1991, celebrating 25 years in 2016.  Sonshine Preschool offers many options for parents of 3 -5 year-olds, including 2-day, 3-day, and 5-day classes.  Also, Sonshine Preschool is family-focused, offering optional extended care programs to support families in the community.  They are dedicated to providing a quality early childhood education in a loving and nurturing environment that prepares each student to function successfully in school and throughout life in a diverse society.  In 2013, they started a summer program called Summer Sonshine for preschoolers through 6th graders.  They balance the fun and relaxation of the summer months with educational activities to challenge students to keep learning even when school is out of session. Sonshine Preschool is licensed by the State of Iowa and participates in the QRS program with a Level 4 rating. They utilize Positive Behavior Interventions & Supports and Creative Curriculum.  Contact: Sally Mills at or (641) 753-3082, ext. 31.  More information at

East Marshall Little Mustangs Preschool
The East Marshall Little Mustangs Preschool is located in Laurel, Iowa and is part of the East Marshall CSD.  This program was established to meet the ever-increasing needs for a quality preschool experience in the rural East Marshall CSD.  The district was awarded funding through the Statewide Voluntary Preschool Program for Four Year Olds in the summer of 2007.  The Little Mustangs Preschool was started that same fall.  The Little Mustangs program consists of two full-day classes.  The program is operating under the Iowa Quality Preschool Program Standards (IQPPS) and has been verified by the state.  The curriculum utilized is state approved evidenced-based, Creative Curriculum.  Contact:  Trudi Foval-Johnson @ 641-476-3342

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Mid-Iowa Community Action, Inc. (MICA)
Early Head Start   - The program model provides for high-quality, flexible, and culturally competent child development and parent support services with an emphasis on 
n the role of the parent as the child’s first and most influential teacher. The program uses the home-based EHS service option, which includes weekly home visits conducted by an infant toddler development specialist (ITDS) and 22 socialization activities per year for parents and their children. In MICA’s EHS home-based program, families also receive home visits from a family development specialist (FDS). The ITDS focuses on child development and parenting, while the FDS focuses on family development services. Call (641) 752-7162 for more information. * 

Green Belt Home Care

Greenbelt Home Care Family Support Program - long term home visitation program for families with children prenatal through age five.   To qualify for their family support program the family must be at or below 200 % of the federal poverty level, have one or more children ages prenatal through 5, and the family must reside in Hardin County.  The program is built on family strengths, tailored to be an individual approach to family management, and designed to empower families by educating, modeling, and linking the family to various community resources.   It can increase parent knowledge of child development, improve parenting practices through modeling parent/child behavior, promote effective and positive communication, increase effective problem-solving skills, build concrete support networks, encourage utilization of appropriate resources, and increase school readiness and success.  Greenbelt Home Care Family Support Program is Iowa Family Support Credentialed. Contact: Rocky Reents at 641-939-8444 *

Child Abuse Prevention Services, Inc. (CAPS)
Building Healthy Families - A home visitation program that provides parenting education and family support to Marshall County expecting parents and parents of children birth to age three years.  The program is offered free of charge and utilizes the Parents as Teachers evidence-based curriculum.  The program is credentialed by the Iowa Department of Public Health. 
Contact:  Linda Havelka at 641-752-1730 or  * 

Marshalltown Public Library

Small Talk Program- Small Talk is an award-winning series of free classes for parents of babies ages birth to 30 months, in which you’ll learn simple strategies to talk, read, and sing more with your baby and help your baby’s brain grow. There are 8 to 12 families in each class. Classes will be held in Café (with childcare in the
Blue Activity Room) at the Marshalltown Public Library. For more information, please call Joa LaVille at 641-754-5738, or visit 

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