Iowa River Valley

Early Childhood Area

Become a Board Member

Invest In A Child’s Future! 


We are currently looking for a Board Member who is living or working in
Hardin or Marshall County.  Contact us immediately, if interested. 

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Investing in high-quality early childhood development programs can positively impact children, their families, taxpayers, and the government. Studies show that for every $1 spent on services to children age 0-5, our rate of return is $8! What other investment has that rate of return?

You have the chance to invest in our youngest citizens…and all you have to do is volunteer your time!

The Iowa River Valley Early Childhood Area Board is seeking applicants who want to help children age 0-5 grow, learn and prepare them for Kindergarten. With the State and Federal resources, our fifteen-member board awards Early Childhood grants to ensure young children will be healthy physically, mentally, socially and spiritually.

The Iowa River Valley Early Childhood Area Board is comprised of 15 board members. Current members include: 

  • Barb Winkels* Chair, Faith Representative
  • Ken Walton * Co-Chair
  • Jennifer Rundall - Citizen
  • Tami Krough - Citizen
  • Pat Thompson - * Health Representative
  • Melissa Miller - * Business Representative
  • Bill Patten * Elected Official
  • Jen Konomi * Education Representative
  • Alison Brennan * Human Services Representative
  • Elly Mack * Consumer Representative
  • *5 Vacant Citizen Positions

The members of the Iowa River Valley Early Childhood Area Board shall be elected officials or citizen representatives. The membership of an area board shall include representation from early care, education, health, human services, business, and faith interests, and at least one parent, grandparent, or guardian of a child from prenatal through age five. Members cannot represent more than one area of expertise. Every effort will be made to elect an equal number of members from both counties, with a minimum of five from each county. Membership preference will be granted to applicants residing in Hardin or Marshall County. Under extraordinary circumstances, qualified applicants employed but not residing in the ECI Area will be considered after a diligent search for candidates.